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USDA Building Remodel


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Sherman County SD

John Day Fire Station

Pendleton Schools


Pendleton District Upgrade

Sherman Co WC

Elgin Family HC

PSD Tribal Language

Athena Pool Cabana

Aspen Springs

Sherman Co. Courthouse

Yellowhawk Tribal HC

Heppner Ccommunity CS

Gib Olinger Elementary

Nueva Vista Phase 2

Sherman County School District Phase 1 - Moro, Oregon  

The Sherman County School District Phase 1 project consisted of panel door signs with an additional bronze plaque and dimensional letters.    Creative Signs installed the bronze plaque and dimensional lettering in February 2016.  The project turned out great and completed Phase 1 of the high school remodel.    Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company was the General Contractor on this project.




John Day Fire Station - John Day, Oregon   

The John Day Fire Station sign package was very simple - a few interior door signs and some cut vinyl lettering.  The door signs were very specific in their scope of work however.  The architect called for the Inpro Boston Collection, which was a very nice sign with unique features.   Creative Signs was able to set up as a vendor of Inpro Corporation and order directly through their distribution channels.  Inpro is a good company to work with on sign package submittals and ordering.  This project bid June 2015 and finished up March 2016.  Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company was the General Contractor on this project.


Pendleton School District - Washington and Sherwood Heights Elementary Schools - Pendleton, Oregon

The Pendleton School District called for the replacement of both Sherwood Heights Elementary and Washington Elementary Schools.  The sign contract for these two school projects consisted of penal door signs, dimensional characters, bronze plaque and parking lot signs.  Thus, in most case there was two sets of signs, two bronze plaques, etc.  Each school had different color schemes and other similar differences.  The install of these signs took place in February and May of 2016.    Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company was the General Contractor on this project.

Washington Elementary School Project

Sherwood Heights Elementary School Project

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